Nikola & Martina - Set 1
I was on my beach patrol when I spot Nikola wading out of the sea. She is topless and wearing sexy white bikini bottoms which look amazing on her. I find out she is Czech however her English is really good so the communication is easy. Her friend Martina is at the bar so I don't see her immediately but I'm pleasantly surprised when she appears as she's very hot too. They agree to do a shoot so I get them to accompany me back to my spot to get on with it. Martina is hesitant at first to remove her top but Nikola encourages her to go for it, Thank you Nikola! After we finish the shoot they ask if they can do another shoot later into their vacation as they want to get a better tan. I agree to this request and you will see how much more daring they both become in that set!