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Elena was my best summer friend! She's crazy, but very emotional and smart. I guess you can see at least a bit of her great personality in these pictures. I even challenged her to accompany me for a day at work and that was the main reason she asked me right after some shoots if she'll be appropiate...

This beauty is a model in Romania and I didn't have to say anything to her because by the time she saw my camera she was very excited. I'm sure this photoshoot was one of her favourite moments of her summer holiday. Enjoy this wonderful body and attitude!

Luminta and Rodica - Movieclip
Here's another one of my first sets. I was completely excited to know that I was not only going to speak to the girls, but to make them feel beautiful too. These girls said they just wanted to have fun, so I said "why not"? In the end, every time a nice girl appreciates your work and wants to cooperate...

In the summer I make a lot of new friends at the seaside, especially people who are working there, just like me. My advantage is I actually don't work so much, because my job is to have fun. One day I met Monica, by the time a guy that lends boats came after me and introduced her. She lives in America...

Whoops! Another teacher wannabe! Dafina’s dream is to become a math teacher, so she’s very smart but at the same time she’s enthusiastic and wishes her students won’t be afraid of her, as they are with the old school teachers. I believe her students are going to adore her, because you cannot...

Corina - Set 2
We had already done a sexy topless set with Corina on the beach which was popular with the guys who witnessed it but I was determined to peruse an even sexier shoot as I knew this girl was special. I asked her her thoughts about posing nude and she replied she would love to, result! We arranged to meet...

Annie - Movieclip
We were having a quiet day so decided to venture a little further along to the lesser popular beaches to the north. We must have been walking along the shore for at least 30 minutes when I spot Annie on the beach. Wow, totally topless and proudly showing off her big natural bust. Unfortunately she point...

I do love these girls that say they’re shy and after a couple of pictures they begin to compete with the most confident ones. Opria said she was feeling a bit nervous about taking the T-shirt off, but eventually she did that naturally when her boyfriend encouraged her to show everybody how beautiful...

Dana & Friends [2/2]
We were on our usual beach search for girls when I spotted Dana playing around wearing a face mask, the type you see at a masquerade party. Wow, what a way to get noticed! We got talking to her and and when she removed the mask we could see she was very pretty as well as having a great body. She was...

Sometimes I climb to the lifeguards tower to look after the beautiful girls when there’s a lot of people at the beach and it’s very hard to walk through them. This way I saw Alinee walking on the shore with an interesting attitude. My surprise was when she said she’s living in the same city I do....

Elena and Giulia - Movieclip
We started this shoot and I have to admit I thought they were a bit shy and innocent but I was wrong about that. They are dancing, jumping and generally misbehaving during the shoot and with little persuasion remove their tops and got very flirty in front of the camera. I am genuinely surprised but of...

I met Maria while I was having a break with the lifeguards at a central beach bar. She was alone, dancing and talking to the DJ. I was pretty sure she’s a daring girl so the good feeling I had turned into a spontaneous photoshoot. She said she didn’t want to miss the beach party so I tried to get...

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