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Cindy - Movieclip
Cindy is working as a waitress at the seaside, so I actually knew her long time before I took the pictures because I was waiting for her being free for a photoshoot. I told Cindy she must find another job, because she definitely has an undiscovered talent in posing! Tell me I am wrong!

Roxana - Set 2 [1/2]
This second set me and Derek had with Roxana was something we didn't expect. I'm saying this because literally she was running after us saying that she'd love to get more and she's ready to show more. I bet that you agree at least by seeing those photos with her sexy butt!

Ambra [2/3]
One day I had just realised Ambra is at the seaside by seing a post on Facebook. I was planning to text her, but the first thing I saw on my screen was "Ambra calling". What a surprise! She was already keen for a shoot, so I met her immediately. No scheduling for such beautiful and excited girls, they...

Heidi [1/2]
I was recovering after a fun night with some girls from a previous day photoshoot when I realised there is no place for mising a day at the beach. Heidi was the first one that smiled and said she's happy to wake me up. For her first experience as a model, I believe she did it more than well! Miruna...

Georgy - Movieclip
Just a short set with a girl that was extremely curious about what I was doing with another beauty before I met her at the beach. This way I challenged Georgy to try it before she has an opinion. Now, there she is, enjoying her best adventure of the holiday!

Selena & Raquel [1/4]
Another set with these gorgeous two that I enjoyed very much, especially because we had the time and place for a more daring shoot. They were enthusiastic to take everything off from the first beginning so, to be sincere, I had to ask them to slow down because they were doing everything more than perfect,...

Roxana - Set 1
Roxana adores to come every summer to Costinesti. She believes that this is the only resort in Romania that has everything: young people, fun, a lot of clubs with good music and a perfect beach. I guess that's a proper combination for a nice holiday, but what about a second Flaunt It Challenge? She said...

Madalina [3/3] - Movieclip
I am sure you remember Madalina. Derek and I took some photos of her a year before, but you can tell that now she's a lot more attractive. This time I hope I've got every pose I could have thought about. I am so glad I met her again. In my view now, that she has no more boyfriend, she is so sexy and...

I was walking on the shoreline with one of my favourite colleagues, JC, when we saw this beauty. Beatrice was playing with the waves that were quite dangerous at that moment so JC set a challenge for himself to go in the water and speak to her. And he did a great job, because I could have missed her...

Amalia is apparently a little and shy girl whose smile tells you that she has no courage. Despite of the first impression, she's really nice and sweet. As soon as she took off the top everything change in the opposite! Good job, Amalia!

Selena & Raquel [3/3]
Two adorable blondes that can spend an entire day in front of the camera. I sure you would like to find out that they came back the next day for a longer and sexier shoot at the private beach we use to go when we take our time with what we call plenty of potential for the challenge. Keep an eye on what's...

Alice & Florence - Movieclip
As you can see, Alice and Florence were surrounded by a big group of friends, but did not have any inhibition to pose in front of everybody. I spent with them a lot of time after the first photos on a private beach, especially because I loved the way they started to play with in the water with our T-shirts!...

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